Getting Involved At 1UC

Finding a particular place to connect with other people is the best way to get the most out of First Unitarian. Experience has shown that people who find ways to plug into our diverse ministries, programs and activities are more satisfied with and better connected to the church.
Nothing will suit everyone. Unitarian Universalists are strong individuals with passionate commitments. Not everyone will have the same level of involvement or the same interests. We are giving a few recommendations of ways to pursue a stronger more fulfilling connection with the church. We’re also open to hearing your ideas! Talk to one of the ministers or a Board member (listed in your order of service).

Step 1 -- Connecting

Maybe you’ve visited a few times, maybe you’ve even joined the church, but you don’t feel connected. Many regular and one-time activities happen through the week and on Sundays and don’t require an on-going commitment.

We suggest you attend at least one event a month outside of Sunday morning worship. Here are some ideas:

Inside the Church
  • Wellspring Wednesday – dinner and programs offered twice a year for six weeks at a time
  • Come early on Sunday morning for 10 AM program – Meditation, Sustainable Living, or Adult Religious Education
  • Alliance – lunch and program, generally the first Tuesday of the month
  • Robbers Cave – week-end get-away in October
  • Auction – Saturday evening in October
  • Christmas Eve service
  • Intergenerational Thanksgiving service, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, place varies yearly
Supporting Mission
  • Bohemian Café – a Saturday in January – money raised goes to FINCA micro-lending banks
  • Quarterly Regional Food Bank volunteering
  • VOICE SoUUp or BINGO – money raised goes to dues for VOICE (Voices Organized in Civic Engagement)
  • VOICE Accountability session – generally, an annual event in spring, meeting with candidates or elected officials
  • Give to Change-for-Change.
  • Make a Guest at your Table contribution (November-December)

Step 2 -- Committing

To connect more fully requires a commitment. Find a place to call your own. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to attend Path to Membership class and join the church. That won’t be enough, though, to be firmly committed.

Here are some other ideas:

Inside the Church
Supporting Mission
  • Sign up for participation in activities at the Social Justice Committee Table in Daniel Hall after the worship service
  • Join the Sustainable Living Organization
  • Join the 1UC VOICE Action Team or an issue action team in the larger organization
  • Join the UU Service Committee
  • Join Interweave (UU’s active for equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people)

Step 3 -- Going Deeper

Depth comes through service, reflection, and making meaning. Some ideas:
Inside the Church
Supporting Mission
  • Participate in spring mission trip
  • Challenge yourself to be generous
  • Invite others to participate
  • Join the Social Justice Commitee

Step 4 -- Embracing Leadership

The church offers many opportunities to lead, including but not limited to:
  • Facilitate a Covenant Group
  • Be part of a Working Group (Facilities, Human Resources, Policies and Procedures or Finance)
  • Join a Team (Lifespan Faith Development, Connections, Mission, Worship Support, Communications)
  • Serve in an elected office (Board, Endowment Committee, Nominating Committee, Alliance Board)
  • Help create the next program or project of the church
  • Give at least 5% of your income to the church

To connect

Where to start: Check the website or newsletter for upcoming events and contact information.

If you want to get involved with children or youth activities, contact the Acting Director of Lifespan Faith Development - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 232-9224 extension 14.

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