Sustainable Living Organization (SLO)

SLO meets every Sunday at 10am in the Corley Commons

Come Together. Share Ideas. Make a Difference. Create a Future

As adopted September 10, 2000 and modified for Green Sanctuary certification on Earth Day, April 22, 2001, the Mission of the Sustainable Living Organization of the First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City is to educate, facilitate, and support the congregation in the 7th Principle of the UUA: “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” We do this by focusing on the educational, theological, spiritual, and ethical aspects of human values and activities that affect the health and sustainability of the living earth. We recognize that a major cause of environmental degradation is the consumption beyond what is needed for sustainable living on the planet.

Fenton Rood

“Sustainable living is integral to everything that I do.  I am an environmental professional and an avid gardener.  As SLO Treasurer I also sell the organic fair trade coffee and chocolate.  When I buy these products for my family I am voting with my dollars for my values.”

Katherine Disney
Coordinator/Discussion Chair

Katherine Disney“I am an environmental student with a background in construction and public administration. The advances in understanding of environmental consequences provides opportunity for people to collectively work towards a more sustainable existence, and higher quality of life for all living things."

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