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The Befrienders are a group of members who assist the ministers in the pastoral ministry of the church. The Befrienders support members of the church family through visits, phone calls, and mail, as well as providing temporary transportation and food.

The Befrienders also organize receptions after memorial services for members of the church family.

Men's Listening Group

Founded over a decade ago by Frank Silovsky and Stephen Melsh, the Men's Listening Group remains a small organization but important in the lives of its members. Frank and Stephen understand that men tend toward competitive talking and problem solving, often failing to listen carefully to one another. Our meetings, held in members homes, include a check-in time and a time for one or more members to share personal issues in depth within the safe confines of the group. Group size is kept to about eight members so that opportunity exists for each man to speak without interruption.

The group meets twice a month during the months September through May. To indicate interest in becoming a member, contact Frank Silovsky, Stephen Melsh, or John Graham.

Book Club

Lively discussion centered around a thought-provoking book is the hallmark of our Book Club. We are delighted to have new members and are open to discussion of almost any type of literature. Books are usually chosen several months in advance by members attending and listed in the newsletter to give everyone a chance to join in.

Meetings are held on the “teenth” Thursday of each month in the Eddy Room at 7:00 p.m.

Fellowship Dinners

Dinners are organized in homes for groups of eight either in potlucks in people's homes or at restaurants. They are planned so that the participants share an evening with a different group each month. This is a warm, casual way to meet and enjoy people in the church.

Sign-up is in September and October, and there are opportunities to substitute throughout the year.

Robber's Cave

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