The Alliance

What is the origin of the church Alliance?

The Women’s Day Alliance (1893-1912) regularly met in its members' homes while the church struggled to get established. The interest and insistence of these women played a large part in keeping a liberal presence in frontier town Oklahoma City. The name was changed to the Alliance in 1990 and now we have a good percentage of male members.

What is the purpose of the church Alliance?

  • To uphold and extend the philosophy of liberal religion.
  • To serve the social and spiritual needs of people through fellowship, group expression and programs of education, service and action.
  • To join wholeheartedly with women and men everywhere in striving for universal human dignity, equality, freedom and peace.
  • To develop appreciation of the joy of life and an understanding of its deeper meaning.

How are these things accomplished?

The church Alliance holds monthly meetings which include programs on a variety of topics such as social justice work in our local community and abroad, historical information on our state, musical programs, storytelling, improving memory, financial planning, conservation and many more.

We make a difference for our members by creating opportunities to meet new people and to stay connected with old friends, while enjoying a fresh meal and listening to thought-provoking, entertaining and informative speakers. We stay connected to the needs of our congregation, including caring contact in times of illness or bereavement.

What service opportunities are available to Alliance members?

The Alliance provides opportunities for teamwork through activities such as our annual bake sales, jewelry sale and fruitcake baking. These special projects support the church which supports our lives, with all proceeds going towards making our church home more comfortable and welcoming. The Alliance fundraisers have allowed us to purchase large round tables and comfortable folding chairs for our meeting hall, pay for the safety lighting on the courtyard steps, replace kitchen items, buy a piano, provide tree-trimming decoration and outside Christmas lighting and redecorate several spaces, to name a few.

Who can join the Alliance?

The church Alliance membership is open to all adults. Annual dues are $7.00.

When does the Alliance meet?

The Alliance meets the first Tuesday of each month, from September through May, for a luncheon and program. We gather at 11:30 am for beverages and social time. Luncheon is served at 12 noon, to allow those who work to attend and first time guests are welcomed free of charge. A program follows the luncheon and a short business meeting takes place after the program. Childcare is available upon request, during the luncheon.

»Download The Alliance 2010 brochure (.pdf, 2MB)

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