Religious Ed. for All Ages

An Open Letter from the Lifespan Faith Development Team

In this religious community we are constantly engaged in the task of Faith Development. Unitarian Universalism trusts people to grow their own belief systems, to make their own ethical decisions, and to discover their own sources of spiritual nurture. Across the span of our lives, we continue to ask: “In what shall I place my faith?” We must discern what we believe. We must hold it and test it and learn to articulate it.

We don’t make our faith journeys alone. In this church, sermons, classes for children, youth, and adults, YRUU rallies, and stories told in worship are part of Faith Development. Our Lifespan Religious Education programs provide access to a wealth of stories, metaphor, scripture, experience, and dialogue to help people of all ages with their beliefs, ethics and spirituality. This prospectus shares the many opportunities for education, fun and connection that together create opportunities to grow your own and your children’s faith.

Welcome to the Lifespan Faith Development program at First Unitarian Church. We hope that Sunday morning programs and other activities sponsored by the Lifespan Faith Development Team will deepen your relationship to each other and to the church. Attend regularly, not only so you and your children can gain the most from classes, but also so we can form bonds with each other. Join us in the task of transforming lives to transform the world.

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