Adult Religious Education 2017-2018

Unitarian Universalism embraces growth throughout the lifespan. We don’t stop developing our ideas, reactions, and ways of coping with life because we’ve passed a particular birthday. At First Unitarian Church, we present materials and ways of interacting designed to make a difference in your life and to help you connect with and better understand others. Explore our programming on Sunday mornings, Tuesday mornings, Wellspring Wednesdays, Saturday workshops, and other times.

Unless otherwise indicated, newcomers are welcome to all classes. This is a great way to get to know the church – both the people in it and the ideas that link us together.

Our 2017-2018 Adult RE programs include:


Spirituality Track


Jefferson Room

"In our faith every individual is expected, with the help of clergy and community, to nurture and tend the garden of his or her own religious life each and every day." (Rev. Scott Alexander)

Spirit in Practice helps Unitarian Universalists tend that garden. It helps our congregations offer support and challenge to members along their spiritual paths. The focus is on eight spheres of holistic and wholehearted spiritual practices: personal spiritual practices, communal worship practices, spiritual partnerships, mind practices, body practices, soul practices, life practices, and justice practices.

Led by Jim McDowell

Human and Personal Development Track

Buddhist Meditation

Corley Commons Rm. 2

Bring your mind to calmness with Buddhist meditation practice. All are welcome, regardless of spiritual path or level of experience. 

Led by Paul Spicer

Other Opportunities


Membership Classes

Jefferson Room

Usually held the first and third Sundays of the church year. Contact the church office for more information.

An overview of our church and Unitarian Universalism geared for newcomers, especially those considering membership in the church. The class provides an opportunity to make a commitment to membership.

Led by Rev. Greg Stewart

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