Children and Youth


We know that families come to church with busy schedules. Setting aside time on a regular basis to attend classes, worship, and special activities at First Unitarian Church is a message to our children and youth that this place, these people and these ideas are important to us. Children and youth create and participate in a community of learning and sharing that allows and encourages them to examine life in a way that is different than everyday home and school life. Our entire program aims to embody the meaning of liberal – “possessing a free and generous heart, free from narrowness, bigotry or bondage to authority or creed.”

Our Goals for Religious Education

To stimulate a sense of worth and dignity of self and others and cultivate a feeling of belonging and fellowship in a liberal religious community.

To offer a community that will provide the stimulus enabling children to develop and express their own religious beliefs in an atmosphere of appreciation, reverence, wonder, responsibility and good will.

To provide opportunities that will direct children toward an appreciation of their own and others’ cultural heritages and moral issues.

To teach facts and concepts that will strengthen the child’s own development of values.

To reaffirm that our religion can enrich our personal lives on a daily basis.

Registration and General Information

Families are asked to register each Fall to keep our records current. Infants, children and youth joining the program at other times are asked to register after attending three (3) times. Mailings and emails describing programming events are mailed often and sent only to those who are registered.

Children should come to Religious Education classes dressed for activities generated by hands-on learning experiences. Please help young children dress for the weather. We try to spend some time outdoors each Sunday as the weather permits.

We request that children and youth leave their electronic games and other toys at home. Preschool and younger children may bring a snuggly or favorite toy to help them feel more comfortable. Sometimes children and youth will be asked to bring something that relates to what they are learning.

“It Takes a Village”

The Religious Education Program works as a cooperative effort of all church members and friends. We expect families to participate by frequently volunteering for its activities, sharing in the financial obligations of the church and also by attending regularly. This helps all children feel comfortable and an integral part of the church.

Because our Church School is a vital part of our community, we also encourage adults not currently parenting to join us as volunteers. The loving involvement of adults helps maintain the integrity of our church school environment, gives our children an entire community of care, and enables us to offer a wide variety of programming and activities throughout the year.

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