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Take A Picture...

I'm trying to find pictures of myself that best represent me as your new Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Impossible. As Elsa Dorfman says in a recent documentary of her work, (The B-Side, out this year) "you take 20 pictures in two minutes... and they're so different." Plus I find I look funny in every picture.

Do you do this? Downplay the pictures of yourself? Or maybe you've gotten over this. At some point, my grandmother started saying, "ok, just take it!"

There is no perfect picture of Religious Education. In fact, we've changed the title of the Director's position to overseeing a program of "Lifespan Faith Development." That's a different picture. It's like we planned a fun photo of K-6 kids at camp and now we're squeezing in everyone else, and we say smile! and we hope everyone can be seen.

So I'm including all the pictures I found of me. I hope to see all the pictures of you this year: worshiping with someone you're just getting to know, having an aha moment, feeling lost and alone, looking like part of a family. Life happens to us and it's ok if it happens here at 1UC. We will work to see all the parts of you and learn about you. That's how you grow and fall in love with church.

Check out the two links below regarding some amazing photographers. You may recognize their work already but sharpen your eyes and go deeper into one of their photos. You'll come away with good perspective, I hope. I smell an Adult/ Teen RE class on this!

*Heads up: There is nudity in a few of the photographers' work, mainly the last of the 10 women.

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