From Our Interim Minister

First, Free, Faithful

Welcome to the First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City! I certainly have been overjoyed by the hospitality, support and care afforded my family and me by this congregation since our arrival July 1. During this interim period, we will explore both who we are and who we want to be as a congregation where the light of liberal religion shines brightly. We’ll consider both successes and failures, both milestones and missteps. We’ll embrace each other on the journey. And we’ll welcome others along the way.

So what kind of church is First Unitarian?

We are a “first” church. In fact, we were the first Unitarian congregation to be formed in the southwest, in 1893. Historic “first” churches are often seen as leaders in their communities and beyond. They may retain traditional forms of worship that are charged with relevant, challenging content. While some eventually become museums, others (like ours) honor the past, but do not live in it. Simply put, we are the keepers of the dream.

We are a “free” church. In Unitarian Universalism, the congregation is the highest level of authority in matters of faith and practice. We need not respond to edicts from on high, whether denominational or divine. Each church is self-governing. We are also free to think for ourselves; in fact, it’s encouraged. There are no creeds to which you must aspire, nor is there a single, sacred text from which to draw wisdom. Simply put, we are a reasonable faith.

We are a “faithful” church. Not in the traditional sense, perhaps, but whenever we put hands and feet on our cerebral Principles and Purposes, we live out the tenets of a liberal faith. A faith that recognizes “the other” as us. A faith that is informed more by what we do than what we believe. A faith that puts its faith in you, and me. Simply put, we embody our faith.

Whether you are just now checking us out or have been a part of First Unitarian for as long as you can remember, please know that we’re saving a seat for you.

The joy continues,
Rev. Greg Stewart

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